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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Budget & Spend Tracker

Executive Summary

For my final project I created a budget and spend tracker to help individuals keep better track of their finances. In the past I had 3 different spreadsheets that were linked together with vLookups. It was a very time consuming and confusing process; it made updating your budget a big hassle. Due to these constraints my wife and I would often delay entering our expenses and not have an up-to-date view of our budget until it was too late. This new file uses user forms to speed up the process and track where the expenses are coming from. It then provides a visual summary of the budget and expenses to provide a quick view of where our finances stand.

This tool gathers the following pieces of information in two user forms and places them into an Excel table.

1. Description of the purchase

2. The amount of the purchase

3. What budget category it falls under

4. In what month it occurred

5. How you paid

6. Total allotted budget for each month

The user then has the option to save and close the user form or save and immediately add another purchase without clicking the button again. The file consists of two user forms, multiple tables, and four summarizing graphs. These graphs provide a high level overview of the user’s spending trends from four unique views.

1. 1. Expenses by Category

2. Expenses by Month

3. Payment Type Breakdown

4. Remaining/Overdraft Amount

There are also four buttons added to the ribbon to provide easy access for the user. The data entered is only there to serve as a placeholder.

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