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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Eating Habits Monitoring System

Executive Summary

Nowadays, people are paying more attention to nutritional facts and calories in food. Many want to track their eating habits and establish a healthy way of living. But this process can be cumbersome and costly as people have to either write down the food they eat everyday or pay for online food tracking services to record their eating habits.

My program may be an easier and cheaper alternative way for users to monitor their eating habits. It allows users to easily check food nutrition from an online database, save food facts into their own databases, track food for individual days, and most importantly, set goals so that users can monitor how close they are hitting their goals!

System overview

The program has two tabs -- Food Log and Food Database, and it has six buttons in the Track Food tab on the Excel Ribbon:

1.       Add a new day to the Food Log
a.       Error check – two days with the same date cannot be entered
b.      Automatic date entry – leave the textbox blank to enter today’s date
c.       Chronological order – the date in the Food Log will be in chronological order
2.       Find Food user form
a.       Search food facts in an online database
b.      Add the food into Food Log
c.       Save the food into the user’s own database
                                                               i.      Error check – same food can only be saved once in the database
3.       Add my own recipe user form
a.       Type in the name and nutrition facts of the food
b.      Choose to add the food to a day or save it into the database
                                                               i.      Error check – same food can only be saved once in the database
4.       Clear the log– clear all dates and all food
5.       Set my goal user form
a.       Calculate the suggested calories intake based on the users’ age, gender, height, ideal weight, and weekly work load
b.      Users can post their goal on top of the food log
                                                               i.      Automatic check -- The program will compare the user’s daily total calorie intake with the goal, and warn the user when he/she hit or exceed the ideal calorie
6.       Clear goal and reset the goal

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