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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

VBA Final Project _ Mitchell Wright and Robert Matthews

Executive Summary

In the last month, myself and three of my friends have joined together to create an “Investment Club.” The investment club is named WRMP and it is simply a way for us to legally pull our money together and invest it as one entity. Our trading strategy was to not analyze specific stocks but to analyze industries as a whole. To analyze the industries in the stock market we needed a macro that could keep track of specific industries daily. It was for this purpose that we wrote this macro for our final project.

We downloaded all companies both on the New York Stock Exchange and The Nasdaq. This was a sheet with tons of raw data. We then created a macro that would divide up all the companies into industries. We were interested to see how certain a company’s quarterly earnings within an industry would affect the other stocks in the industry. We created a web query that would pull which companies were coming out with their quarterly earnings for that day (from

Then we created another sub procedure that would grab (from the percent change in price for each of the stocks that were released on the present day and met the certain parameters that we were looking for (market capitalization, markets listed on, etc.). We would then grab other info including: EPS estimate, time of quarterly release, the actual EPS, and number of analysts researching the stock. All this information is then filtered to each industry tab that we created. As we daily run the macro, slowly the tickers would be identified and their information (the columns) would be filled out. The last step was creating a sheet that would keep track of each industry and what the percentage of the stocks had released their quarterly earnings. This would give us one sheet that we could take a snap-shot of the market and know which industries to examine more closely.

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