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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cost of Living Analyzer

Executive Summary

This workbook was designed to make it easier for a person (specifically a business student) to evaluate a job offer.  The biggest issue with this is gathering enough data on the offer location and comparing it to a known location.  While this can be achieved with multiple inquiries to a website and recording the data, that process can be tedious and time consuming.  This workbook automates the process and gives the user an easy to read, onscreen report of the evaluation.  The result is a concise report can be used to assist the user assess the true value of the offer, and whether or not the offer and location meet the needs of the user.  Ultimately the user needs to make the decision; this is a tool to help make an educated decision.

The report has several key areas: Financial, Benefits, Education, Housing, Cost of Living, and Crime.  The Financial section displays user inputs for Salary, Vacation, and Relocation.  The program common sizes the salaries and bonuses using the Cost of Living factor.  The Benefits section simply displays user inputs to allow the user to verify benefits packages.  The right hand side of the report displays critical statistics for Education, Housing, Cost of Living, and Crime from both locations and national rates/averages.

The desired result of this project is to help user’s make informed decisions in an efficient manner.  Through the automation of the web query and data compilation, the program will provide an extensive, customized analysis in the time that would normally be required to simply obtain cost of living data from a website.

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