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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fantasy Football Analyzer

Fantasy football has been a great tool for me to help maintain and build relationships with friends, family members, and work colleagues. The better I do in my leagues the more interaction I have with others. The problem is that I spend on average an hour and a half a week outside of work analyzing the stats, looking at my team’s performance, looking to make trades, and setting my team up for next week’s game. My wife, rightfully so, gets on my case for spending so much time each week analyzing stats and putting together the best possible team for the following week. My tool now does all of the work for me by clicking a few buttons in a few minutes, instead of spending an hour and a half of my valuable time.

This tool gathers stats from my ESPN fantasy football league on my team and all available players in every position: QB, WR, RB, TE, D/ST, and K. The tool will first optimize my own team based on who I currently have on my team. It also assembles the best available team based on 1) Season Average, 2) Season Total, or 3) Last Week’s points depending on which option I want to analyze my team by. The tools will in turn gives a list of the top 50 players in each position and highlights the top five players in each position based on the categories I just listed. This allows me to do deeper evaluations of players if I am looking for one-off trends to choose my team. The final aspect compares my current team with the optimal team, based on players available, and highlights the players I don’t currently have on my team and need to add through free agency.

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