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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bank Branch Call-Log Dashboard

My wife works for Bank of Utah in the Operations Department. The bank is currently considering routing all phone calls that go to branches to a central call center located at the corporate office. In order to decide if this operational change is worth the effort, they need to track the number and type of phone calls that the branches receive in order to get a sense of how much need there truly is. The bank has created an intranet application that branch employees can log on to and enter information every time they take a phone call. The site tracks what time the call came in, who answered the call, how long the call lasted, and what the reason for the call was. This information is then compiled in a table-like summary sheet in chronological order. In order to get any valuable use out of this table, the bank needs a program that can download this file and summarize it in a way that gives them valuable insights in to the calls that the bank employees are taking on a daily basis. Based on this information they will make the decision if it makes sense to A) route all branch phone calls to a centrally located call center and B) if they do decide to route calls, how many and what types of employees will be needed to handle the volume and types of calls they receive.

My program downloads the raw data on phone calls from the bank’s intranet site whenever the person overseeing the process needs updated information. By clicking a button the program downloads the data and summarizes it in an easy to read, formatted dashboard based on the specific metrics requested by the bank.

Final Report Write-up

Call-Log Dashboard

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