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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Creating Eagle-Condor's Quarterly Report

Executive Summary  
                Eagle-Condor Humanitarian is a non-profit organization based in Utah. Eagle-Condor works to improve the ability to be self-reliant by those in South America. One of Eagle-Condors programs involves teaching self-reliance and business skills to those in Iquitos, Peru located in the Amazon jungle. These classes focus on basic business skills and concepts like record keeping and understanding the different types of cost associated with a business.

                To track the success of its program, Eagle-Condor generates both monthly and quarterly reports that track different metrics for each of the four groups of classes taught. Some of the metrics tracked include attendance, participation, quiz scores on the materials, homework scores, and whether an individual was graded. These metrics are recorded on the monthly level and then summarized on the quarterly level.

                Previously, the monthly summary was manually summarized and recorded using multiple calculations and copy-and-paste commands. This task could take the project coordinator multiple hours away from other pressing tasks of running the organization. My project both alleviates this burden and allows better tracking of individuals work. The program grabs the monthly report files, pulls and summarizes information from these files, summarizes the quarterly information for each individual, and then summarizes the aggregate quarterly information.

Because of the time constraint, quarterly data was previously only shown in the aggregate in the organization. This project speeds the creation of this aggregate information and shows summary of individual’s information as well. Showing the aggregate information at the individual level allows the program to better track and work with each participant and creating the summary electronically will allow the user to better work with the data. 

By: Gregory Kline

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