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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

R.M. Watercolor - Luke McFarland

Executive Summary

            R.M. Watercolor is the business name of Robert McFarland’s fine art business.  He produces and sells his artwork to many people all over the country from multiple locations and outlets.  His business relies a lot on keeping contact with clients and keeping records of who purchased what and where it was purchased. 
            The first function is that of keeping track of the businesses clients.  To input a new client a user form comes up which asks for the name and the contact information of the new client.  It then saves the information to the first sheet of the workbook.  You can also delete clients from this list by selecting their name from the dropdown list of the current clients.  Along with the client list feature there is also a mass e-mail function.  This function allows you to send a pre-written, personalized e-mail to every client on the client list.
            The next function is that of inputting a new purchase.  This function works about the same as inputting a new client, except the user form asks for details about the painting purchased instead of the client.  With the purchase record sheet there is also a search function which enables the user to search the purchase records based on certain criteria which are asked for.  The results of the search are then put into the Search Results sheet.
            The main function for this program is the report generator.  This function takes your input on what report you want to have generated (whether by year, venue or client) and then opens a new workbook and puts select client and purchase information along with some financial information of total purchases.

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