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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Yorlife Foods: Naturally Delicious - Mike Hansen

Executive Summary

My dad is a one-of-a-kind chef. His passion is cooking, and he creates the healthiest, tastiest food I have ever eaten. However, until recently, he has not written any of his recipes down. In fact, he has never had any recipes! Our family has finally convinced my dad to begin writing his creations down, and we have even given him a vision of forming an online recipe business. He has formed an LLC, Yorlife Foods, and has begun compiling recipes and photos of his food.

However, this “business” is more of a hobby for my parents, who have arrived at retirement. Therefore, there is not a lot of drive to create the website and try to make a profit off of his creations just yet. At the moment, my parents are concerned with compiling all of the recipes they are currently writing in Word docs into a user-friendly format where they can easily access them. The Yorlife: Naturally Delicious! spreadsheet offers a rudimentary beginning to organizing, maintaining, and preparing my parent’s recipes for induction to a database and an eventual website launch.

The Yorlife: Naturally Delicious! spreadsheet will allow my parents, and anyone they decide to share it with, the opportunity to view compiled recipes, add new recipes, edit/delete existing recipes, and plan/print a shopping list and weekly menu (one meal per day). The admin CRUD rights of creating, updating, and deleting will be accessible to only my parents through the requirement of a password. Others who receive the spreadsheet will only be able to view recipes.

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