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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tracking Revenue from Extra Services offered by LPS - Cassandra Wilson

My sister and her husband own and operate a school in Richmond, Kentucky, LaFontaine Preparatory School (LPS), where they teach half-day Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Enhancement classes as well as full-day Kindergarten and First Grade. They have two separate locations that are staffed with teachers and office assistants who work together to provide a great learning experience for the children and keep LPS running smoothly. This year, LPS has started offering families three additional services: Lunch, Transportation, and Aftercare. Usage of these extra services is billed separately. Currently, LPS uses a Google Spreadsheet to track usage of extra services, calculate invoice amounts for each student, and how the status of each invoice. LPS uses the Google Spreadsheet so that faculty and staff at either location can update the document simultaneously. 

Since LPS needs to maintain a spreadsheet tracking usage of services that can be updated simultaneously, I simplified their Google Spreadsheet so it is focused on fulfilling that purpose and built an Excel spreadsheet that automatically downloads the data from the Public URL of the Google Spreadsheet, calculates total revenue from each service and each grade, and calculates the amount to invoice each child based on how much of each service they have used. The spreadsheet tracking invoices also includes a drop-down list to select invoice status, and conditional formatting that highlights the row of data so administrators can quickly see billing status.

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