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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

HR Generalist Training Tools

HR Generalist Training Program
Executive Summary

The company that the program was developed for is called Performance Progression.  It’s a small human resources firm that does recruiting and other outsourced HR functions for firms throughout the United States (primarily Utah).  The generalists that they hire are required to learn—quite rapidly—specific policies, procedures, and best practices to best serve their clients.  This program is intended to expedite the learning process, making the firm more effective.

The project was essentially a quiz-based training program where the user can take quizzes related to various HR functions.  It is customizable, which allows for changes in the client organizations, government regulations, and best practices.

The program has 4 main quiz decks to use
·         All Topics (130+ Questions, randomized, and can select number of questions)
·         Benefits (29+ Questions, all questions of that type)
·         New Hire Orientation (32+ Questions, all questions of that type)
·         Hiring (27+ Questions, all questions of that type)

The program has an Add/Remove Question feature
·         Allows for new yes/no, multiple choice, or keyword questions
·         Makes the program customizable
·         Password protected

The program has a password-protected, in-quiz edit feature
·         Allows for content correction and updates
·         Accessible by administrators if need be

A score-calculation tool to give the final percentage of correct answers
·         Can be used for benchmarking and comparison

The tool uses UserForms heavily
12 forms and one module in total
Additional changes to the ribbon

-Cameron Mulder

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