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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Marathon Event Management -- Ammon Sarver

Executive Summary


Dwayne City Park & Recreation Department is putting on a marathon event for the city.  This event will be held annually to raise money for maintenance of the city parks and other city endeavors. The marathon event will actually have three different races: a 5k, a half marathon, and a full marathon. Volunteers will be utilized to help prepare aid stations and hand out relief supplies. Logistics for the event are proving difficult to estimate. 


They need a tool that would allow them to register runners for three different lengths of the race:  5k, half marathon, and full marathon. Based on how many runners for each race type, there needs to be enough volunteers at the various aid stations.  These values will change depending on whether the city decides to have runners start at the same line or finish at the same line.  The runners will be running on the same route, just different distances. Also, the amount of supplies needed at the different stations needs to be determined and donations need tracking.


The application built contains the following work sheets:
  •  Settings
    • Race start time
    • Runners start or finish at the same line
    • Fee amount per race type (5k, half, full)
    • Average time per race (5k, half, full)
  • Donations
    • Table of donations made
    • Add Donation Form
  • Runners
    • Table of registered runners
    • Register Runner Form (Generate Runners used for development and testing)
    • Add Time to Runner Form (for when the runner completes the race)
  • Volunteers
    • Table of registered volunteers (including times the volunteer is available)
    • Add Volunteer Form (Generate Volunteers used for development and testing)
  • Logistics
    • Table of count of runners at aid stations at a given time
    • Table of volunteers needed at aid stations at a given time
    • Table of supplies needed at the aid stations
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