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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Customer Data Management Database--Todd Miller

Executive Summary

The business I chose to work with is Lindsay Miller Photography; Lindsay is in the process of getting her photography portfolio built in preparation to launch her business once she moves to California.  The business will be focused mainly on family and individual portraits, as well as some limited weddings.

Since this will be a small family owned business it will be crucial to keep costs low to maximize the revenue stream as the company grows.  My hope is that through using this workbook it will streamline the time spent on necessary but tedious business details to let Lindsay spend more time with the part she likes, taking and editing pictures.

My purpose with my final project was to create a tool that would be able to assist her as she gets the business off of the ground and starts growing it. Some of the goals of the project were to include; 1) a customer database of information, addresses, phone numbers and packages ordered that is extremely use friendly, 2) the ability to easily add/edit customers, 3) the ability to email invoices and have this process be intuitive and very streamlined, 4) the ability to send out marketing materials, birthday cards, etc to customers based on the repository of information, 5) search functionality to find customers quickly and easily, 6) Be a tool that would provide the needed resources to help get the business up and running.

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