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Friday, December 13, 2013

eCommerce Partner Store Sales Report

eCommerce Sales Report – The Saranator
Sara Baird
Dr. Meservy
IS 520 – Fall 2013

Executive Summary
This project was carried out for the benefit of the eCommerce Department at the BYU Bookstore, recently rebranded the BYU Store. As part of that rebranding, the eCommerce department was put in the spotlight. The expectation is that the department will continue to grow and bring increased revenue to the struggling store.

I’ve worked in the eCommerce department for three years and can remember the day the Drakinator stopped working. Four years ago, another IS 520 student named Drake Allsop developed a slick tool for generating special sales reports for my boss, Jenifer. Every month she creates various reports for our partner stores and generates a check request. It’s a tedious process and prone to error because of the many small, repetitive details involved. For my project, I set out to revive the Drakinator and add requested additional features.

This program has been renamed the Saranator and can again generate specialized sales reports based on three form inputs only. The report is printed for every partner store contact so they can monitor inventory sold at the store. I also created another form that allows Jenifer to add new partner stores. Updating this information was impossible for Jenifer because it had previously been hard-coded into one of the many intricate subroutines of the Drakinator. Now, the Saranator allows much more flexibility for future eCommerce growth. This revised tool will again save hours of work for Jenifer and allow her to focus on more important happenings in the eCommerce office.

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