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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Data Selection System for Luxshare-ict ----- Yuan-Yang, Lai

Executive Summary

Luxshare-ict is a Chinese company which manufactures cables for all kinds of electronic consumer products. Their customers are including brand companies and contract manufacturers. Luxshare-ict has an ERP system which would generate an Excel file including all the sales information and the data would be sent to sales reps and management teams. However, the data is not very user friendly. People who want to pull out the data they want may take a lot of effort and time. Therefore, I decided to make a system to help everybody can easily pull out the data they want.

Since Luxshare-ict is a Chinese company most of its data are written in Chinese. I translated all the parts that could help to explain my project. Thus, you might see some Chinese in my project. Most of them are customer names. 

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