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Monday, December 9, 2013

Executive Summary - Darin Pierson

My project is essentially a “teacher’s assistant.” The platform is specifically tailored for a Jr. High teacher that I know. She teaches sign language at a Jr. High School in American Fork. The program is able to perform multiple functions for the teacher—namely the following:
  1. Dividing the students into groups of two or three. 
  2. Adding, removing, and editing assignments and quizzes from the gradebook. 
  3. Diverse functionality with students such as editing grades, creating charts, comparing students to one another, adding more students, etc. 
  4. Option to accentuate struggling students by highlighting scores of “0” and blank scores.
The “Actions” ribbon includes eight macros that the teacher can run.
  1. Add Student – Allows the teacher to add a student to the list
  2. Edit Grades – Allows the teacher to edit grades of students 
  3. Highlight 0s – Highlights all of the scores of “0” or blank on any assignment 
  4. Unhighlight 0s – Reverses the highlight function 
  5. Create Groups – Creates a randomized group of either two or three people 
  6. Clear Groups – Clears the groups that have been created 
  7. Edit Assignments – Allows the teacher to edit, add, or delete assignments 
  8. Create Chart – Creates a chart to show student(s) grades as a percentage. Allows the teacher to compare multiple students, or just look at students individually.
I will discuss these macros in further detail in the Implementation Documentation section.

- Darin Pierson

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