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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Garrett Hendrickson and Hernan Almeida - My Recipe Book

In today’s day and age, recipes are everywhere. They can be found in social media sites, cooking sites, recipe sites, handwritten, and in books – to name a few. However, there is no easy solution for gathering these recipes, storing them, and searching through them. For many, it is inconvenient to have to get on the web, search for a link, and hunt down a recipe. But if there was a solution that allowed you to pull recipes from the internet, input them yourself from handwritten family recipes or books, and then provided an easy and organized interface for sorting through and managing your recipes, the experience would be much more enjoyable and convenient. For our solution to the above business problem, we developed an Excel interface (GUI) that allows users to easily import recipes from the web, books, etc. The system organizes and stores all the information in Microsoft Excel, but it also generates a local directory with a series of HTML files to allow the user to navigate through their recipe book using their favorite browser. By using the web and excel together, we have created a better experience for the end user.

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