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Monday, December 9, 2013

Order Form for Small Candy Start-Up

Justin Krueger
Executive Summary
Sweet Tiffany’s Chocolate is a small start-up company based in Orem, Utah. Tiffany, the founder, started making hand-dipped chocolates in her kitchen a few years ago. Demand among friends and family grew rapidly and she decided to make it a formal business. She opened at the beginning of this year and has had orders pouring in. Until now, Tiffany collected orders from customers by in person, over the phone, and by e-mail. No formal format was used, so it was difficult to keep track of orders or forecast demand. Tiffany ended up making too many of some chocolates and not enough of others. She needed a better way for customers to place orders and for her to track and store these orders.

I created a Chocolate Order Form in excel. This form can be e-mailed or downloaded from the Sweet Tiffany’s Chocolate website.  The form allows the customer to see all available chocolates and order sizes (box of 24, box of 15, box of 6). The customer selects their preferred order size and chocolates, inputs their e-mail and name, and submits the order. A copy of the order is e-mailed to the customer and to Tiffany using a company Gmail account.

Tiffany can use the order confirmation, which is in excel format, to add the order to a larger database to track the total number of each chocolates ordered as each order comes in. She can also store each order by name and date for easy future reference.

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