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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Math Worksheet Generator

Executive Summary:

                In my three years as a high school math teacher in Denver Colorado, I spent hundreds of hours making worksheets for my classes.  Students were much more likely to do problems on a worksheet then they were out of a book.  I also had more control over the problems that went into the worksheets.  Creating worksheets though is incredibly time consuming.  There are official software programs (like Kuta software) that generate math worksheets for teachers, but they cost thousands of dollars and if school departments are not willing to pay for them, teachers are out of luck.  For my project, I created an excel program that will generate math drill worksheets, including multiplication problems, division problems, and algebra problems.  The program also generates an answer key in a separate worksheet.  Teachers can select one of these three options to create a multiplication, division, or algebra worksheet.  They then can select how many problems they would like to generate, what number range they would like the values to be in the problems, how many columns they would like to have on their worksheet, and if they would like to save the worksheet and answer key as a pdf.   

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