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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Random Selection Ticketing Application -Hilary Hayes

Executive Summary

The ICS department for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is an organization that provides information technology assistance to the business side of the LDS church. They are very well-known for their annual events that they host that anyone in the world is welcome to sign up for. These events each have a specific number of tickets that need to be allocated randomly to applicants.
The ICS department would like to provide this random selection ticketing application to the business at a low cost but high quality. Many options were explored including the development of a fully-functioning application with a database and fully functioning user interface. However, Excel provides this same capability at a much lower cost and can be developed in less than a quarter of the time.
The requirements for this project included: user friendliness, scalability, random selection, and compatibility with
There were three major sections within this application that were broken down as follows:

  • Assign Tickets
    • Create a new sheet to analyze data
      • Display warning
    • Filtering the events
      • Setup variables for input
        • Set user prompt box
    • Input event information
      • Validating input
    • Create check sheet
    • Remove duplicates
    • Generate and sort random numbers
    • Create winner sheets
      • Limit the number of seats
      • Fill winner sheets
      • Further data filtering
      • Assign tickets
    • Final message notification
  • Send emails
  • Save winners

The resulting capabilities of this solution provided user friendly interfaces with detailed descriptions about all functionalities, high scalability regarding number of entries, number of tickets, and number of events, a randomized process for the selection of ticket winners, and high compatibility with thus satisfying the requirements specified by the LDS church.

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