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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Matt Pickerd- Wedding Planner

Problem and Purpose

As people prepare for marriage, there is stress in organizing addresses, labeling envelopes, sending invitations, and writing thank you notes. People struggle to create a method of organizing all the information in an effective method. Similarly, businesses struggle to coordinate and plan events.

For my project, I created a program that used information from a Google form. The project then creates HTML email invitations/thank you notes, labels, mass texts, and personal emails/texts. The program makes each invitation/thank you note specialized for the guest. For the thank you note, the program thanks the givers for their specific gift. Additionally, it changes the invitation and thank you notes’ picture based on personal preference. The user can view/preview both the thank you note and invitation prior to sending them out. The program also has a search and an edit function for the information.  I used data pull tools, forms, and loop statements to complete this assignment. 


By utilizing this program, the stress of planning a wedding or company event can be reduced. It will improve procedures for handling information and inform all the guests effectively and effortlessly.
The program creates the following:

·      Labels
·      HTML Invitation
·      HTML Thank You
·      Search and Edit of Guests
·      Personal Text Messaging
·      Personal Email Messaging
·      Mass Text Reminders for the reception
·      Preview of Thank you and Invitation

Matt Pickerd

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