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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Interlibrary Loan Data Analysis -- Brian Baumgarten

Project Background

The BYU Harold B. Lee Library offers interlibrary loan services to patrons. One part of the interlibrary loan services is the ability for patrons to request digital copies of articles from journals (or other publications) from other libraries (because the HBLL does not subscribe to the journal/publication). These articles are protected by copyright laws, and universities currently interpret these copyright laws as follows:

Within one calendar year, a university may request up to five articles from one journal for free. Any additional requests must be paid for, with the price depending on the journal (some articles cost over $100 for a copy). This rule only applies to articles published within the last 5 years; any articles older than five years can be requested without limit or cost.

Project Solution

I developed a solution using Excel and VBA that will allow the HBLL to make cost-efficient purchase decisions for journal subscriptions. The code pulls in and cleans up a spreadsheet output of Interlibrary Loan request data and provides useful aggregate statistics as well as journal-specific patron statistics. The spreadsheet then has a user form that facilitates the entering of pricing data and does the calculations to make cost-effective purchase recommendations, based on the copyright law limitations and requirements. It also provides the user with the name of the librarian who would be responsible for purchasing the journal in question.

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