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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Automated Printing, “Smart Print”

The Problem

A manager’s time is extremely valuable to an organization and the work that they along with the problems which they solve should reflect that fact. Often times, managers receive data (or create it themselves) and output it in the form of an Excel worksheet. They create meaningful information from which important decisions can be made. This is commonly reflected in charts and graphs.
Managers frequently need to take these resulting charts to meetings or deliver them to superiors in printed form. When these charts and graphs were built they were created for computer viewing, and printing one or many charts can be a tedious chore in Excel. There should be a way to simply indicate the chart(s) for printing and give the command to print.

The Solution

Smart Print is a VBA macro designed to make a manager’s life easier by simplifying and automating report (charts and graph) printing. The idea is that the user should be able to simply indicate which charts he/she wants to print and then give the command! There’s no reason computers shouldn’t be able to work out the simple yet menial details of how that actually happens.

Smart Print Features

Below is a list of the basic features of Smart Print
   ·     Select one or many charts for easy printing
   ·      View charts to be printed before executing
   ·      Define only high-level page printing setup such as page orientation
   ·      Enjoy automation of quick chart formatting without sacrificing customizability

In a Nutshell

Smart Print allows the user to select charts from any worksheet and compile them to a new worksheet to be printed. The macro handles general formatting and spacing tasks and provides a convenient final viewing for the user, at which point he/she can make final alterations or print immediately.

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