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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Women in Business Event Check-in Solution

by Courtenay Maynes

Executive Summary


The BYU Women in Business Club has been around for several years, but in the past school year, its membership has grown exponentially. While the leadership is delighted to see this kind of growth, the president of BYU’s Women in Business club, Katherine Poulter, expressed some concerns she had concerning the current method of attendee check-ins at events. For each event, the leadership had to print off a list of members and cross off names as each person came up to the doorway. For the first event of the semester, the inefficiency of this checking-in process caused the event to start 20 minutes later than it was supposed to. Katherine approached me and asked if I would be able to create some sort of program that could use the BYU-issued student ID cards to log members into events. I created a program using Excel UserForms and Macros along with the hardware of a keyboard wedge magstripe reader to improve efficiency for the club and simplify the log-in process.


I built a system to meet the current need of the Women in Business club of a new way to manage check-ins. The user just needs to click on the check-in button, select which event he or she is checking people in to, and swipe each student’s card as the student walks in to the event. The first of the two sheets in the workbook is the “Members” sheet, which holds each student’s first name, last name, and BYU ID number, as well as a record of which events each student has attended. The second sheet is the “Events” sheet, which keeps track of each event with an ID, title, date, start time, end time, and number of attendees. I’ve added a tab to the ribbon titled “WIB Functions” (WIB stands for Women in Business) and it has four buttons. The buttons include a “Check in” button, “Create New Event” button, “View Members” button, and “View Event Reports” button. The interface is fairly simple to use and is pretty user friendly.


This solution should improve efficiency for the club. Checking one person in takes approximately 3 seconds (due to the length of time it takes to swipe a card—the system itself takes less than a second to process each check-in). Since the club usually has about one hundred fifty people at each event, checking all the attendees in should take less than ten minutes using only one station. I recommend that the club purchases two keyboard wedge magstripe readers and sets up two stations performing check-ins, cutting check-in time down to less than five minutes. Additionally, the system I’ve created provides helpful member attendance information for the leadership to determine how successful each of their events are and where there is room for improvement. Finally, this program is very flexible and I could add RSVP information or other metrics if that’s what the club desires. So far, I have been only asked to manage check-ins for events, so I’ve tried to limit my scope to that.

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