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Friday, December 7, 2012

Chart Builder

Utah Valley University (UVU) is an institution of higher education and is the largest public university in the state. The department for which I work specifically, Institutional Research and Information, is responsible for all surveys administered to students, employees, alumni, and others.

One such survey is entitled “Great Colleges to Work For,” a national survey of full-time employees in higher education. This survey is conducted externally by a company called ModernThink. It is comprised of 60 statements about working at UVU, to which employees respond on a 5-point agreement scale (“Strongly Agree” to “Strongly Disagree”). Because of quirks in the way the data are presented, the reports delivered by ModernThink are almost unusable for our purposes.

In order to remedy this situation, the Graph Builder workbook contains a macro that transfers all of the data from this report to an Excel sheet. Below is a brief overview of the major steps taken by this macro:

  1. Import data from a text file
  2. Extract all important data from the text
  3. Format the data into tables
  4. Produce a chart for each table

After running this macro, the user will have an easy-to-read Excel sheet containing all 60 statements and a chart for each. From this sheet it will be much easier to produce a usable and valuable report.

Full Report
VBA Project
Great Colleges Text File

Submitted by Taylor Lovell

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