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Thursday, December 6, 2012

User Interface for Flooring Store Spreadsheet

Executive Summary:
Custom Carpets & Vinyl, LLC is a small carpet and flooring store located in Springville, Utah. The business consists of the owner and one employee, and that one employee happens to be a close relative of mine (my mom). The business is run with virtually no use whatsoever of technology, the exception to that rule being one computer. Although the computer is not connected to the internet, it does have Excel, and several years ago in 2006 I made a spreadsheet for the store so they could keep information on their customers and records of what customers ordered and when, which would then enable them to find the filed hard-copy documents for those transactions more easily if needed. Although the spreadsheet was good, I did not at the time have the skills needed to automate it; it was therefore somewhat difficult to use and was not well implemented. Also, the data that was input was not very uniform. In this project my goal was to:
     a)      Set up a more user-friendly interface for the spreadsheet that would make it easier to use and understand.
     b)      Create a system that would take any inputs and make the resulting records more uniform and usable.
The interface I produced accomplished these two tasks and made the spreadsheet and also the data produced more accessible to those using it for any future needs the business might have.

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