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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Restaurant Point Of Sale App

Executive Summary

“Spuntinii Point of Sale Application” is a simple point of sale application for restaurants and will be used in my brother’s recently opened fast food restaurant (which goes by the name “Spuntinii”). I have been working with my brother in various aspects of running the restaurant. One of the problems that we face is minimizing food wastage. As the current process of order management is paper based, we are unable to analyze the trend of menu item sales accurately. Another problem is the time spent in keeping track of the daily sales. My brother spends almost half an hour every day going over the sales list and tallying the cash. I have been planning to automate the sales process and was initially inclined to either purchasing a point of sale software or hiring a developer. But after taking up Spreadsheet automation class by Dr. Gove, I was motivated to create a simple point of sale application for the restaurant.

The application uses MS access database and has a simple database design. The application provides a screen (sheet) to place orders by choosing from the existing menu items. Orders that are previously placed can also be viewed from another screen. The restaurant manager can also print an order while placing it or also can access the previous orders screen and print.

Functionality of analyzing the sales trend of all the menu items via 3dColumn charts is also added to the system.

Detailed usage instructions along with screenshots and discussion on various design as well as development aspects are included in the project report document. Future additions to the application would include several chart based analysis options for comparing the sales of various menu items, sales over a period of time etc.
ZIP file containing the xlsm file, access db & images folder

Project Report - PDF file


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