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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Integrated Core Team BuilderChristopher Law     December 2012

Executive Summary:

The purpose of my program is to solve an actual business problem. I work for the Marriott School Advisement Center. We serve the 1800 students of the Marriott School in matters of academic programs, internship and job placement, academic advising, and running some of the school’s clubs (MUSA). The head of the office is Dean Michael Thompson and Kristen McGregor is the Managing Director.

One of the cyclical tasks our office is responsible for is creating teams for the Integrated Core. The Integrated Core is an envelope of four classes that all Marriott School students must take regardless of their major/emphasis. The core is structured around group work. Because all students have to take all four classes, this usually allows for a student to work with the same team for all the classes. Creating these teams can be very difficult due to the constraints set for determining the ideal team. The ideal team has the following characteristics:
  • ·         Size: Five students
  • ·         Ethnic Diversity: Spread out the international students; only one international student per team
  • ·         Academic Diversity: A team should have no more than one student from each of the Marriott School’s nine majors or emphasis
  • ·         Gender: A team can either have zero or two females
  • ·         Conformity: Team members should be in all the same classes as each other

Keep in mind that there are six sections for each of the four classes and that over 400 students are enrolled in the Core. Assigning the teams manually takes a long time! My program drastically reduces the amount of time that the full-time staff in the Advisement Center spends on creating these teams by doing the following:
  • ·         Take the class lists from each of the 24 sections of the core and place each student in an Access database. The database will assign a unique code to each section that will allow the students to be grouped with other students in their same classes.
  • ·         Excel will pull the data from Access and create a data table with the student’s name, unique section code created in Access, and emphasis.
  • ·         Log on to a password protected BYU site and pull each student’s gender and nationality into the data table.
  • ·         Create teams based on the parameters listed above.

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