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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Budgeting Software

One of the most pervasive problems in society today is over spending. People have a major tendency to always spend what they make, no matter how much they make, and oftentimes spend even more. The best solution for anyone that wants to gain control of their spending is maintaining a budget. This project attempts to create a simple solution for anyone that needs to create a basic budget. While it is basic, this project still attempts to be as robust as possible. Beyond the basic feature of entering in expenses and income, this project includes the following: variance analysis through comparison of budgeted and actual amounts, ability to add and remove expense categories, download credit card transactions from a Wells Fargo bank account (and enter them into the expense list), and the ability to include items that would be categorized as savings (e.g. retirement) or giving (e.g. tithing). These features allow a lot more control and flexibility over the budget and provide the user with valuable information to aid them in controlling their costs and managing their savings and charitable contributions.

Anyone is welcome to use this tool, but it is specifically designed for my wife and me to use. Data for October and November have been included to show how the different features work.

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