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Thursday, December 6, 2012

T-Mobile Bill Calculator

In order to minimize the cost of cell phone service for myself and several others, I have a T-Mobile family plan that allows me to share phone service with a group of 4 other people.  All of the minutes on the plan are shared.  There are also some customized parts of the plan such as the data package.  Some people have 3 or 4 g data packages while some only have the basic Edge service.  Some people have smart phones, while others just have the old fashioned flip phone.  As a result, the amount each person pays is different.  There are also other charges that vary from month to month such as taxes and other fees and charges for using too much data or too many minutes.    Because of this, the price each person pays fluctuates monthly depending on the circumstances.  It can consequently be a pain to manually log in to T-Mobile every month, calculate the amount that each person owes, and notify each person of the amount and due date.  There have been times when we’ve missed the due date because I never got around to figuring out the bill.  My project saves time and hassle by taking care of the tedious task automatically.   The program will log in to the T-Mobile account, navigate to the bill for the current month, extract the information into an excel worksheet, and create a summary page that shows the relevant information for each person on the plan.  The program will then send out an email and text message to each person, notifying them of the amount they owe for the month and when it is due.

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