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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Housing Finder

Executive summary

Background and Overview
There has been a great waste of time whenever non-local college students in Orem/Provo needed to go online and look for a room to stay for their school year. Most of the time, they go to because it is simple to use and many people post their ad on the site. The process is very time-consuming because, even though it is simple to use, it still takes several clicks to get the detailed results. Even if they do get the results, additional screening is often required because sometimes it is very easy to forget whether the ad has already been looked at or not.

The project was originally initiated with a personal business problem of not being able to find timely information of housing where pets are allowed in the property (I own a cat).

The project has been proposed to cut down repetitive steps and avoid reading the posts that already has been looked at.

The problems have been solved through the following features that the solution offers:
1.       No need to launch web browser and go to
2.       The solution does not display the same posts twice (or more)
3.       The solution automatically fetch all the detailed information about house listings in the result set (Title, Link, price, description, address, postdate)

This document has been prepared to demonstrate the details of the solution. 

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