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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Flanary, Derik Product Locator List

Excel Final Project: Product Locator List
Executive Summary
2.2 Executive summary of the project. This should contain a description of the business along with an overview of the system you built
I work for American Biotech Labs in Alpine, Utah. ABL is a silver supplement manufacturer and distributer. Silver supplements are a naturopathic medicine that is supposed to kill bacteria and strengthen one’s immune system. The product is sold in both liquid and gel form. ABL has many different brands that it markets in the two different forms of product. Some brands are geared toward natural/organic food retailers and others are geared towards doctors and health practitioners. ABL has just over 2000 stores worldwide that buys and sell their products. However, the current information systems at ABL do not keep track of which stores carry which products. ABL does have a store locator map on their website but it does not say whether that store carries the liquid product, the gel product, or both. Also, when the customer service representatives are asked on the phone about certain stores and their products, the representatives have to go into QuickBooks and look up the store and the last time they purchased something, which takes a long time.
Therefore, my job was to create a macro in Excel that would first find out which stores sell which brands. Then the Excel sheet is to go online and produce an updated map on that shows the current stores and what they sell. The last thing the project does is provide a master sheet of the retailers and doctors that the customer service representatives at ABL can use to look up information on different stores for customers; they can edit the stores’ information; and they can add new stores to the list which then can be added to the map automatically.  'file needed to upload when running the macro.

:// 'file needed is sheet"ALL" is empty. Must be saved in same folder as Product Locator


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