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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Simple Budget Software

Ryan Oliphant

This program is designed to help college students or young families manage and track their finances overtime. The problem that many college students face is having time to manage and track their money and many are living paycheck to paycheck without much thought of saving. Many students, especially at Brigham Young University, have jobs and are earning enough money but don’t realize where there are spending all of their money and rarely spend the time or effort to manage and save for big purchases or emergencies.

Solution Overview
This program is designed to minimize the time spent having to manage finances while still allowing the user to know where money is spent and to track savings for future financial goals. This is accomplished by pulling balances and transaction history from a bank website and allowing the user to keep track of balance history overtime. The program also uses simple user forms to allow the user to enter in a monthly budget of income and expenses which can then be used to compare with actual numbers at the end of the month using generated charts. 
This program is useful because it allows the user to pull all of their financial information into one worksheet without having to log onto an online bank site and manually go through the information. The program allows the user to see visually where/what their money is being spent (on) each month in order to make improvements.  It is also very useful to track account balances to avoid going under minimum balances or to track savings over time in order to make large purchases such as a house or car, or to pay off debt.

Project (Excel Worksheet)
Implementation Document 

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