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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

University Impact Fund Database by Besmir Dishnica

Executive Summary
By: Besmir Dishnica


This database is created with the intention to help University Impact Fund (UIF) in its day to day decision making process. UIF will continue to use a Google Doc Spreadsheet where it will record all the new information and data relevant to them. The data fields of this spreadsheet are aligned with Impact Reporting and Investment Standards (IRIS). I decided that it will be important for UIF to have a more sustainable and safe database, that is why I designed and developed a user-friendly Excel Database.

Project impact on UIF

The research database will provide a sustainable foundation for future research in the impact
investing space. UIF will now have a reliable, easy-to-update database and will be able to search
and filter data according to its own interests. Additionally, the user guide provided to UIF will
enhance the sustainability of the database by assisting the organization to maintain the

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