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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fantasy Sports Analyzer

It was estimated in 2010 that in the US and Canada over 32 million people played online fantasy sports. Not all, but a lot, of fantasy sports users play in leagues with the change to win a substantial pot of money. I have found in my expeirence playing fantasy sports that there is no comprehensive tool out there that you can use to compare your drafted team to others in the league.  Overall, how does your team compare to the other teams?
My project will allow a user to pull from the web each roster in their fantasy sports league. Once the rosters have been pulled my project will compute statistical comparisons and evaluate how your team compares to specific teams in the league, as well as how your team compares overall.  VBA generated graphs will give the user a visual comparison. Specific positions will be evaluated and the user can see whether their current roster players are above, below, or just average in comparison to the average points produced by a player of that position in the league.

Links to:
     Write Up:
     Final Project:
(the final project workbook has been pre-generated with data so you can see how it would appear)

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