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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Task List Maker Add-in

Simple, Powerful Insight Into Every To Do List
Task List Maker is an Excel 2010 Add-in that allows a user to enter tasks and then view those lists according to different criteria, including urgency, importance, group involvement, and duration. It also allows users to import old lists and export new lists using the CSV file format. 


Many organizations and entities are inundated with tasks and it is difficult to determine which tasks they should work on at any given time.  At times, it is most effective to work on the most urgent tasks (things that are due very soon). At other times, it is valuable to focus on tasks that are the most important or perhaps tasks that are going to take the longest to complete.
In short, task lists by themselves do not help entities or organizations decide how to complete all their tasks.

Solution and System

The Task List Maker focuses on the problem of deciding which tasks an entity or organization should focus on, given different criteria.  It assists with the entry of tasks as well as manipulating the data in order to gain valuable insight about what tasks to do based on a user’s current situation. It includes a custom ribbon and has the following functionality:
  1.   Automatically setup workbook (i.e. creates  support tables)
    1. Master Task list (where all tasks and their data are stored)
    2.  Thresholds (contains definitional information about what is “urgent” or what “low priority” is, etc.)
  2. Delete Task List Manager Worksheets (support tables)
  3. Change Thresholds
  4. Import data from previously exported lists
  5. Export data on current sheet to a CSV file which can then be re-imported later or used in another program
  6. Make “Default” lists, including
    1. Urgent Tasks
    2. Group work
    3.  Individual work
    4. Easy wins (less than an hour long)
    5. On the Radar (tasks that are furthest away according to the thresholds sheet)
    6. Important
  7. Delete Default lists
  8. Create Custom List
  9. Add Task(s)

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