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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Budgeting Program

Executive Summary

Over the last two years I have used various budging software solutions such as Quicken and Unfortunately, these programs never seem to fully meet my expectations (e.g., won’t allow me to edit pre-established spending categories and Quicken constantly has issues importing my financial data). As a result I created Budget 2.0, a budgeting program that can met all of my needs. The program will be used primarily by my wife and me (although friends and family are welcome to use it also). Budget 2.0 can perform the following functions:
  • Download banking transactions from multiple bank accounts into account registers
  • Backup data to DropBox
  • Perform reconciliations
  • Edit spending categories
  • Edit the budget categories and amounts
  • Compile transactions from all registers into one database for analysis
Excel Workbook:

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