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Friday, December 7, 2012

Email List Clean-up

Email List Clean-up


This project is a useful tool to help remove bad email addresses from your many email lists before sending a large batch of emails. It was built for an existing need of a small non-profit publishing organization. They have several lists of email addresses that are used for different purposes. Sometimes these lists overlap and other times multiple lists are combined to send the same email message. Many of these addresses are no longer valid and some people have requested multiple times to stop receiving emails. Unfortunately, the process of keeping these black listed email addresses was all but effective. Each time and email is sent out to a batch, many return emails come back. It has proven to be a headache to the organization and has frustrated many potential customers.

Solution Overview

This solution addresses the problem of cleaning up email addresses. The spreadsheet can be passed around the organization and still access the same blacklist. The functionality is built into the code of the spreadsheet, but no email addresses are saved to the list. The blacklist emails are stored in an access database that will be stored on a server accessible by the members of the organization. Email addresses can be added to the blacklist database using the spreadsheet. But the spreadsheet doesn’t need to be saved to a central location.
The clean-up functionality takes care of the following problems that have been happening:
  •  Badly formed email addresses
  • Email addresses that have been blacklisted
  • Addresses that have requested to unsubscribe from all emails
  • Duplicate email addresses from combining lists

The solution will return a cleaned-up email address list that has removed the types of addresses above. It includes a sheet that categorizes the emails that were removed. The cleaned email list that is returned will be sorted alphabetically and all characters will be in lowercase.


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