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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Article Citation Count Scraper

I work as a research assistant for professors in the School of Accountancy. One of the projects on which I have worked involves updating a database of academic accounting articles, authors and institutions. These professors have created this database of individual accounting researchers and their published works in a subset of top accounting journals since 1990. This database has led to multiple published papers in accounting journals about accounting research and those who do it. This database contains important data about each published article such as the journal, the authors, the date, the volume and issue and the topic area and methodology. However, we would like to add citation counts for each article to the database for future research. 

My project imports data from this database on all indexed articles and uses the agent class to control Internet Explorer and gather citations from a web search. It includes controls for checking whether the Journal title matches in order to ensure accuracy and is formatted such that the scraped citation data can be exported again into the database.

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