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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

VBA Reporting

Executive summary

Nowadays reports are driving many decisions in business. In the sourcing department where I work every quarter presentations must be put together and numbers must be brought up to help leaders understand trends in the business. Reporting is important, but it can be time consuming. It was with this idea in mind that I decided to clear an automated workbook that helps formulate graphs and displays key indicators in a simple and clear way that can easily be copied to a presentation slide.
The file that was created asks the user to point to the data file that has all the raw data from the vendor setup site. This data comes in from the beginning of the system (Oct 2013). This means that every month data will be larger and harder to sort through by hand. My VBA file prompts about the file location, prompts about the month and year to be inputted, filters the data, disposes of the data that is not needed, creates a place for the chosen month’s data, calculates the number of entries existent, and creates graphs.

This file was created to save time and ensure that data is accurate. My coworker that will be benefited by this file used to spend a full work day to perform all those tasks and create a presentation. Aside from the presentation creation the process should take a max of 5 min now. Including downloading the new data and running the reporting tool (my VBA project).


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