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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Austin Smith - Diet Calculator

2.2– Executive Summary:
Welcome to [your local gym]!
            We are sincerely dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals.  In order to do this we have included an excel spreadsheet that will help you accurately and easily track the amount of calories you eat while providing benchmarks to help you reach your desired weight.  Included is a write-up to explain the functionality of this spreadsheet and its several capabilities, including:
  • Record how many calories you eat everyday
  • Subtract any calories you burn from cardio or weightlifting
  •  Easily store the meals you eat for future reference
  •  Calculate a calorie allowance to reach a desired weight
  • A convenient button to help you find the calories in any food.
  • The ‘Calorie Report’ button allows you to see your daily consumption, monthly average, and allowance in a graph for easy comparison.


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