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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dallin Lemich's Executive Summary

     My project is for Skyline Motors, Inc., a GM dealership in Rawlins, WY.  I spent the summers of 2011 and 2012 working there as the Finance & Insurance (F&I) Manager, which mostly entailed 1) arranging financing for customers, 2) overseeing the legal and regulatory paperwork and requirements for each car deal, and 3) selling aftermarket products, packages, and insurances.  As part of the process, one tool that I used with nearly every transaction was called a menu.  This menu was used to present the products and insurances to the customer and to finalize the lender choice decision. It simply lays out a few options—or baskets of the products available— and shows the customer how certain selections will affect their monthly payment.
     The need for this project arose when the dealership switched insurance product providers from Zurich Insurance Group, through whom the menu software was available, to GM Financial, who doesn’t currently offer anything of the sort.  The menu is a very useful tool in the sales process, so when I asked the dealer whether he had a project I could work on for this assignment, this idea came right out.  We basically just used the old Zurich menu as a template for the new one, at least as far as presentation and aesthetics go.  However, there were a few minor changes that he and I came up with throughout the planning process.
     The system I created in Excel simply takes information about a car sale transaction and certain products to be offered to the customer—input through three user forms—and formats it in a clean, presentable way.  In the process, the system calculates a few things such as sales tax to be charged, the customer’s monthly possible monthly payment under five scenarios including without any added products, and how much each added product will add to the monthly payment.

My files are at the following urls:
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