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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Engagement Survey Analysis

DecisionWise is a leadership-consulting firm headquartered in Provo, Utah.  The company offers four main services: organization development, leadership coaching, 360° feedback surveys, and employee engagement analysis.  Employee engagement analysis begins with administering employee engagement surveys to employees and managers within the organization.  Engagement scores are calculated based on specific “anchor questions” within the engagement survey, and a company engagement profile is generated.  DecisionWise presents the engagement profile to their client, with recommendations about how engagement can be improved within the organization. 

Engagement survey data is entered into Excel in a standard format.  Previously, DecisionWise has done the engagement score calculation and engagement profile generation using only the basic functionality of Excel.  This project has automated the engagement profile-generation process.  When the survey data is uploaded into the program, engagement scores can be calculated and the engagement profile generated with the click of a button.  Engagement profile generation previously took several hours for each company; this project allows it to be done in a few seconds. 

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