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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

LDS Publishing weekly Project Report
Noah Robins

1 Executive summary of the project

The director of LDS publishing wants a report every week on the progress of the ongoing work that he oversees. He oversees several Initiatives which have projects run by project managers who oversee product managers who work on activities within a project.
            Director -> Project Manager -> Product manager
            Initiatives -> Projects -> Activities
At each level there is data keeping track of Expenses, Budget, feedback petition information and Percent completion.  The Director ask me to make weekly report from three sources of data. The business problem is to automate the process of merging the three sources together and reporting at each level the budget, Feedback loop duration, and percent completion.

Sub-tasks to be completed:
1.     Gather data from the three sources
2.     Put the three data sources in one workbook
3.     Clean the data for merging
4.     Merge the three sources
5.     Make finical report
6.     Make feedback duration report
7.     Make Percent completion of project/activity reports

Video of data collection:
*supporting documents not available for the public

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