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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Automated Qualtrics to Eventbrite Registration for the WIB Club

Executive Summary
The Marriott School Women in Business Club (Undergraduate) currently has 270 club members and is a two-time winner of the Bateman Outstanding Marriott School Club Award. The Women in Business (WIB) Club provides opportunities for women to connect with fellow classmates and professionals, learn about opportunities for women in the Marriott School, and gain skills that are valuable in the workplace as well as in other aspects of life.

I served as the Club’s president last school year (2012-13) and in various in years prior. As such, I have a vested interest in the Club’s progression and image. Those driving factors are what led me to the idea for this project.
Every year the Marriott School and Women in Business Club co-host the Major Shopping Event. The event typically has over 400 registrants. The event's purpose is to attract freshmen and sophomore women to consider earning a Marriott School degree. Thus, registration is structured to screen out those who are not seriously considering a business degree. Those who are already in the Marriott School can attend by bringing a friend who might seriously consider earning a Marriott School degree or by volunteering to market before the event and help during the event. The registration process verifies that these requirements are met.

In the past, the Club has used both Qualtrics and Eventbrite systems for registration. Qualtrics because of its ability to display different questions based on responses. Eventbrite has been used to enhance the users experience by sending a confirmation email right after registration and a reminder email the day before the event. Another major reason for using Eventbrite is because of its great check-in list and process on mobile devices. As you can image, this makes checking in 400 plus people very easy on the day of the event.

However, the Club has found that sometimes people only get registered on one system, not both. The Qualtrics link is publicized for registration. Two different methods for completing registration through Eventbrite have been implemented. One, after answering the last question the system redirects them to Eventbrite. Two, a link to Evenbrite is provided and the user is asked to register through Eventbrite and then say that they did on Qualtrics before the Qualtrics survey will submit.

However, sometimes the redirect takes too long or people forget to come back and registrants don't realize that they didn’t complete their registration. Also, since some registrants bring a friend, the friend must too fit the attendance criteria. Sometimes a friend will get registered on Eventbrite even though they haven’t been entered into and verified through Qualtrics.
I built a program that receives user feedback for credentials and survey or event titles, downloads a table of those who have registered on Qualtrics and finds that data necessary to register on Eventbrite. The program also downloads a table of those who have been registered on Eventbrite. In the future I will add the functionality that registers attendees from Qualtrics to Eventbrite.

This solution will eliminate confusion for registrations while still providing an enjoyable experience for registrants in receiving the confirmation and reminder emails from Eventbrite. Furthermore, check-in will continue to be quick and easy on the day of the event. The Club and Marriott School will no longer need to worry about students being registered on one system and not the other.

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