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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Econ 110 Independent Study Tool

Executive Summary:

I am BYU’s Independent Study (IS) Economics 110 online course grader. BYU’s IS grading website effectively manages students homework grades, but does not allow for test scores to reflect the grading curve while recording the actual score. For example, if a student scores an 80% on the test and this grade corresponds to a letter grade of a B+, the IS website forces you to record either the 80% or the B+, but not both. In order to provide the students with feedback on their progress in the course we record the B+ on the website and manage the test scores through an excel workbook. My project seeks to automate and simplify this workbook to make the grading process easier. With my project the grader now interacts with the workbook through a customized ribbon.

The grader has three options in the ribbon: add a new student, add a new grade, and grade a test. These buttons allow the grader to complete the three main tasks involved in IS grading. After a student has both midterms completed and the final completed, the “check website” button on the add grade user form checks the IS website to see if that student has completed and received a passing grade on the other 13 assignments. If they have completed the assignments, then the grader can click the “Final Email” button and this sends an email to Dr. Kearl with all the information to submit the final grade. The grader is then prompted to move the completed record to the “Complete” tab. This system allows the grader to spend his time grading the students work and not spending time figuring out how to record scores.

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