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Monday, April 14, 2014

Pelatron Technologies Inventory Management

Pelatron Technologies - Inventory Management System


Pelatron Technologies is a growing business that manufactures mobile communication systems for the United States military. They have been awarded for their success in business in Hawaii, and have offices in several other states. Currently, they manually keep track of inventory and transfer/movement of inventory through its various stages. The manager inputs numbers manually every day into a spreadsheet, which is then sent to headquarters for analysis. This is for the branch located in Lindon, Utah.

The Utah branch of Pelatron Technologies (Pelatron) receives funding and support based on many factors, one of which is their inventory reports. Automating the inventory tracking system, which is currently a manual system, improving the user interface, and creating appropriate controls in the system would resolve some major issues/risks facing the information system for this branch, and would improve the efficiency of the process.

System Overview

The Staff Kit Control Center automates the inventory tracking process, and allows the inventory manager to view inventory-related events, process builds, and create inventory kits from a single application. The Staff Kit Control Center focuses on Pelatron Technologies’ main business need of process automation. Currently, this is the major source of inefficiency in the inventory management process. The Staff Kit Control Center automates the inventory management process from delivery of materials through the shipment of products. Although the current Staff Kit Control Center requires further development of reporting and security measures, these features have been considered and implemented in small measure, and are available in this release.

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