These are projects posted by the students of Dr. Gove Allen at Brigham Young University. These students have taken one semester-long course on VBA and generally have had no prior programming experience

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Simply Invoicing

Simply Invoicing

Simply Invoicing is a project designed specifically to help assist the functions of Steadman Sound Inc.

Background of Project: My father is an extremely hard working business owner who does not like to paperwork. This project is to allow him to quickly complete and email his invoices on the job.

Purpose of Project: to create an easy to use method for creating, saving, and emailing invoices from Steadman Sound Inc. The entire process should be completed in minutes.

Overview of the Project: This project uses a custom tab to open and input data. It uses two forms that are most automatically filled out. The forms are then documented, saved as pdfs, and emailed out to clients as attachments. The information can be saved for a later email date.

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