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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Financial Report Downloader

Executive Summary
I work at a financial advisor office called Merrill Financial Associates in Provo.  Among my various responsibilities, I am in charge of making investments into clients’ accounts, as well as performing semi-annual rebalances on most of our clients’ accounts.  To perform these tasks, I work inside of what we call “The Supermodel”.  This is an Excel workbook that has been built and modified over the years, which allows us to import data into the workbook so that we can analyze each clients’ account and make necessary adjustments. 
The first day I started this job I was given the challenge by my manager to try to “automate myself out of my job”.  I received that challenge before I even knew about this class, so I thought that challenge was impossible to accomplish.  However, now that I have taken this class the challenge seems entirely possible. 
            Although I won’t be able to automate my entire position away like I was challenged to, I wanted to automate a process that I perform everyday.  This process usually takes me about 20 minutes.  Being that I work 5 days a week for about 4 hours a day, those 20 minutes add up quickly and take away a lot of precious time which could be spent doing much more productive things for the business.
            The process that I automated was one in which I have to go onto our broker dealer’s website and download a total of 8 reports.  Once these reports are downloaded and exported into excel, I then manipulate the data to make it more useful for our “Supermodel”.  I then use Vlookups to bring this data into the “Supermodel” which enables me to perform my other responsibilities.


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