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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Using VBA to Create a Randomized Seat Assign System

One of my classmates in high school is now working as a teacher in a high school in Beijing, China. In high schools of China, students stay in the same classroom all the time. And there is a teacher assigned to each class as a “head teacher”, who take cares of disciplines and administration within the class.
My friend is also assigned to a class, but he is very frustrated with the seats assigning issue. There are 70 students in his class, and he needs to make sure their seats change in a weekly basis, to make sure they could know each other better and change their views to the blackboard. However, some students felt unfair as they were always assigned to the back seats or front seats. Some students who are short want to seat at the front more often because they feel their sights are interfered by tall students sitting in front, while students with bad eye sights want to sit at the front more often to have a better view of the note on the blackboard or slides. My friend felt like he could hardly satisfy everyone’s needs. So he asked me for help.
Basically I developed a random seats assignment system using VBA, so that equity is ensured with randomization. However, there are times when a few students have special circumstances to accommodate. So after assigning the seats randomly, he can still make changes by clicking to a student that needs to change seat with another student. Just with a single click, he could make slight changes. Another feature is that there is a user form coming out for him to choose how he wants to make combination of rows and columns, either 7*10 or 10*7.
Because my friend is Chinese and all students in his class has Chinese names, I developed the system all in Chinese for his convenience. However, I will translate some important issue into English during the report. 

Project and Report:

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